What is the Best way After SSC (10th Class) ?

The main confusion for all the students who completed their 10th standard and has to enter their higher education, so that which field he / she has to be take and in what way they must reach their destination. Among all our students except few will have their own dreams, aims and goals. In order to achieve those goals the candidate must take a suitable step in his career to make the path to reach his destination in a simpler way. There are as many ways to travel after completing 10th class. One must and should have to go in any of that way.

Inter is not the only way!

To reduce the dilemma I will present some of the best way to reach and to make his career beautiful. All of us know that we must our intermediate after that we have to go to graduation level. This is not the only way to go reach the Graduation. We also have diploma courses which will make the Graduation level so simple. This can be done by writing APRJC and Polytechnic examinations which are based on our tenth syllabus.

The seats regarding to these colleges are very limited and has a good competition for these courses. These courses are very good compared to the Inter level and the duration of these courses will be 3 years. These 3 years will be like Inter 2 years + Graduation 1 year. After completion of these diploma degrees the candidate has to write ECET examination to peruse a seat in engineering colleges and they will complete their engineer course in 3 years, the 1st year they did in their diploma itself.

What is the use if I take inter after tenth?

About 80% students who completed their tenth class are willing to do their intermediate as it is the correct way to do any further courses. There are as many groups in which the student can join in any of these courses M.P.C, BI.P.C, M.E.C, C.E.C, C.E.L, H.E.C…. These courses are the basic steps of the coming engineers, doctors, lawyers and some good lecturers. If we take M.P.C in inter there are many chances to do our future life as an engineer. With Bi.P.C we can do a number of doctor courses after writing Eamcet examination. M.E.C can give a better knowledge to do CA, this is the basic step for a chartered accountant. C.E.L will make you a good lawyer.

All these courses will have a basic knowledge which will use in our graduation life. If the situation does not permits for us to study after inter mediate we can also do a number of jobs based on this inter degree. The main job will we can grow in further life is a bank clerk job. These examinations for this based on inter knowledge and can be eligible with this inter degree.

If I do Bi.p.c in inter what can I do beyond graduation. You can do a course which will use in every hospital in our daily life. This course named as a nurse or home nurse. With this you can also have a bright future that you can learn different things equal to a doctor.

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